Solar power takes charge

Aberdeen based industrial battery specialists Norco Group have embarked on an ambitious solar power project.

Norco have installed a solar charger to power a battery attached to a fire alarm system for the Aberdeen based oil and gas provisions company. The customer required a solution for charging a battery powered fire alarm located in an explosives bunker in the middle of a field. There was no access to mains electricity supply and staff were having to visit site twice a week to replace the flat batteries with fully charged ones. A logical solution to this problem was to find a way of charging the battery with a rewewable source of energy.

The assumption was that a solar charger, powered by the amount of daylight hours, would produce enough energy to charge the batteries to run the fire alarm. Despite the terrible weather associated with the north east of Scotland, the solar panel is working better than originally expected. The solar charger is now powering the fire alarm during the day, and charging the batteries ready to take over at night. This has now eradicated the need for personnel to visit site, except for routine battery maintenance.

Amy Davidson, Marketing Manager said, This is just one example of how Norco can provide batteries for any application. We are currently expanding our product line, exploring alternative energy solutions in addition to the supply and maintenance of traction and standby batteries.

Norco Group Limited is an independent, Aberdeen based company specialising in the rental, maintenance and management of traction batteries; and the procurement, installation and maintenance of standby batteries and UPS systems. Norco is the UK market leader in the rental of traction batteries.